Monday, January 9, 2012

2nd Monday

What a busy weekend!  I didn't even unpack my lap top!  I got the stuff for the vegan cupcakes, but there was no time to actually make them.  Maybe later tonight.

There was a lot of cooking, though.  People are coming to visit later this month, and I want to have a bunch of meals ready to pull out of the freezer so that we can enjoy each other without worrying about food. 

Today we took a field trip - me and my colleagues - up to the Facebook campus for one last look around.  We took some old signs off the walls as keepsakes.  I worked in the building for almost eight years.  And now its over.  I won't go back up there again.

It was a beautiful corporate campus.  We all had our own offices.  We had a beautiful lab.  The new lab they built us is just awful.  Its designed as a data center - which does not at all meet the requirements of a working QA HW lab. 

I am sad. 

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