Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Begininngs

So, about 3.5 years ago I had a conversation with someone.  The theme of the conversation was attitude.   And then yesterday I read about choosing 3 words for the year:

Three Word Theme for 2012

So I have been working on choosing three words.  And as I've been thinking about this, I just can't shake that unshakable conversation.

So far I have:

Confidence, Simplify and Prioritze

And I think I need to attack that with and attitude of Fearlessness. 

Many years ago, someone I admired at work very much, mentioned to me that she was a recovering alcoholic.  I was stunned.  I had absolutely no idea.  Anyway, she went on to say that she lives her life by the 12 steps.  And she was trying to figure out how to do more.  I used an analogy that life if like a pie, and that no matter what was going on inside, the crust on top that holds everything together are the twelve steps. 

But I think life is like a layer cake.  You start out with some yummy cake, add filling, maybe frosting, then more cake, and you can just keep layering.  But you gotta be careful as you add layers, so that it doesn't flop over.  And fearlessness is kinda like the frosting holding it all together...

I'll have to work on the metaphor some more...

With a Fearless and Thankful Heart,
I am,


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