Monday, January 2, 2012


Why Gypsy?  I always wanted to be a gypsy.  The romantic idea of roaming from place to place with my extended family has always stuck with me.  Funny, too, since I am an only child and even my cousins are either *way* older than me or *way* younger.  And there are only four of them.  Nonetheless, this is my blog and I can be who I wish to be here.  So I am Gypsy.  

The day has started off well.  My kids actually have school today, so I got them out the door for school - on time!  <Insert wild cheering and back-slapping appreciation here!>  I am doing my domestic goddess routine today (laundry, house cleaning, cooking, organizing, prep'ing...)  Getting the beginning thing off to a good start.

The love of my life, Zeus, is home today too.  Actually he's home every day.  He's a hermit.  Makes the gypsy wandering-about thing difficult, but he's worth it.  About two years ago he decided that actually going into his office to work required too much socializing, so now he's home full time.  I love it.  He helps me a lot.  And since I *have* to go into my office every day, it makes life easier to have him home doing a fair amount of the little stuff.  So, after 12 years of courtship, and another 9 of marriage, he remains, absolutely, the love of my life.  

And to round out my merry little gypsy band, I have Tinker Bell and Iron Man.  Masha 'Allah they are my twin hearts.  They are my raison d'etre.  They are why I push harder than I ever thought I possibly could.  Just a smile from one of them and I am complete mush.  

And yes, I am a stream-of-conciousness type of blogger.   I don't have a lot of time, so I go with what comes out of my fingers without much re-reading or editing.  You may call me out on it if you wish.  In fact, if anyone out there is, in fact, reading, I'd love to hear anything you may have to say.  And I will take the time to check you out, too.  Hey, we could even get to be friends!  You could join my band of gypsies, even.  But, perhaps I get ahead of myself.    This is the time of year for enthusiasm!

With a Thankful and Enthusiastic Heart,
I am,


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  1. I have always thought it was be kind of fun to be a gypsy. So maybe I will have to live the gypsy live vicariously through you!