Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Found Something Coooollll...

Okay, maybe its not cool to advertise some other blog thingy, but I think this is kinda cool.  And I think its a lot more private.  I percieve the focus to be different.  More day-to-day...  at least for me.  And I don't think people can search and find and read it.  Just me.  And if I am going to do day-to-day, I like the privacy.

I worry about stuff...  I worry about stalking and other scary internet behaviors...  I don't mean to overstep, but, in my mind, there are bloggers out there so naive I just want to run to their homes and change their locks and disconnect their internet before something ugly happens.  And they are so transparent I could find their homes in less than half an hour of poking around...  And it wouldn't even cost me a dime.  If I spent the dime, I'd have the information in seconds... 

Look, I work in high tech.  I know hackers.  I understand corporate level computer/data center security.  Its my business.  I trust no one but Zeus.  Truly. 

And f*%#book?!?!????  Seriously...  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  One giant fishbowl for stalkers and wierdos. 

For those of you who haven't abandoned me after the above mentioned, inarticulately voiced opinions, you are the people who get it and I applaud you.

Baby its a Violent World...  Coldplay

Tomorrow I'll try to be more cheery and less opinionated.  FWIW:  There's hardly a staff meeting in our group where someone doesn't turn to me and say, "Tell us what you really think..."  Its a huge deal if I hold my tongue on an opinion.  It means something is beyond wrong.

With an Opinionated and Thankful Heart,
I am,

(Love me our hate me, but don't call me late for dinner :-)   )


  1. Yes, I would agree that people sometimes share things on line and don't realize there are real people out there. Unfortunately, some of them don't have the best of intentions.
    I have been known to be opinionated as well. I can handle yours too.

    1. Hi Nannette!

      Thanks so much for being the first to comment on my new blog. So glad you stopped by. I am looking forward to reading your opinions!